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DIY Frame and Gallery Wall

DIY Frame and Gallery Wall

Jamin & Ashley, The Handmade Home

Add some color and dimension to a boring space with this easy DIY project using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips!

Materials needed:

  • Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

    – Select Pine Size: 1 foot by 3 feet by 8 feet

    – Piece of 1/3 inch micro-density fiber board (MDF) Size: 2 feet by 4 feet

    – Piece of plexi glass size: 23 inches by 23 inches

    – Cardboard

    – 4 photographs/images of your choice – this project uses three photographs and one      printable design

    – Hot glue gun

    – Glue sticks

    – Skill saw

    – Jig saw

    – T-square

    – Tape

    – Additional picture frames – this project uses three additional frames and one                    chalkboard

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • 1. Cut your pine down to four 24-inch pieces

    Measure 45 degree angles on both ends of each of the four pieces and cut angles using a miter box or miter saw.

    Then, cut your MDF down to 23 inches by 23 inches. Use a T-square to measure and mark 7.75 inches on each side of the board. Draw a line to connect the marks you just identified.

    Once you have drawn your lines, there should be a box in the center of your MDF. Measure the box to make sure it is 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches.

    Use the skill saw and jig saw to cut out the box.

  • Step 1
  • 2. Plug in the hot glue gun and allow it to warm up. Use the glue gun to adhere the plexi-glass to the MDF board. Then, secure the pine pieces around the perimeter of the plexi-glass and allow glue to dry.

  • Step 2
  • 3. Once assembled, paint the frame with your choice of paint. This project uses green for the MDF board and white for the frame’s exterior. Allow paint to dry for at least seven days.

    To insert your picture, tape it securely to the cardboard. Then, tape the cardboard to the backside of the MDF.

  • Step 3
  • 4. Clean the wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry.

    Remove the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips from the package and separate each strip. To form a set, connect two strips together until you hear a click.
    TIP: If using medium strips, one set of strips is needed for a frame up to three pounds, two sets for frames up to six pounds, and four sets of strips needed for frames up to twelve pounds.

  • Step 4
  • 5. Remove one green liner and position one set of strips on the back of the frame. Press the strip firmly against the back of the frame. Repeat with the remaining strips needed to hang the frame.

    Remove the remaining green liner(s) from the strips adhered to the back of the frame.

  • Step 5
  • 6. Position the frame on the wall and press the front of the frame against the wall for 30 seconds.

    Remove the frame by grabbing at the bottom corners and pulling up and out towards you.

    Repeat the process with three other frames.

    Wait one full hour before remounting the frames to the wall. Align the strips on the back of the frames to the strips on the wall. Press each frame firmly against the wall until you hear a click to ensure the frames are securely mounted.

  • Step 6
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